2015-11-16 09.09.37

My Dearest Babies,

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since we lost you. I wish I could say time has healed the wounds, that I feel less empty now than I did the day I had to say goodbye to you, but that would be a lie, cause the truth is my heart aches and longs for you every single day.

The year has been fraught with emotions as I have tried to accept your loss but a part of me died the day you did and there will always be a gaping hole in my heart. I will always think about you and wonder who you would have been, what life would have been like with my beautiful pigeon pair. You were both perfect in every way and I will always remember your tiny little hands and your perfect little feet I got to hold so briefly. They say there is no footprint so small that it does not leave an imprint on this world, and how you have changed mine, and left the biggest imprint on my heart. I will forever love you and carry you within my heart.

As I write this I am starting to feel your sister move inside me and I would like to believe you had a hand in picking her for us and will always be there looking out for her. She’s brought joy into our hearts again and although she will never take your place she will be loved three fold.

I don’t want today to be a day of sadness remembering only what we lost, but today I want to celebrate your lives, acknowledge the profound impact you had on my life and the unconditional and eternal love you have inspired within me. Your lives were not in vain and every day so long as I live you will be remembered, loved and honoured.

I’d like to believe that you are celebrating your first birthday today with your Ouma and Papou, that they are showering you with kisses and love, and that you are all always here with us looking over us. I hope you all see everyday how much we love you and miss you. So on this your very first birthday Happy Birthday my babies, you will forever be in our hearts.

Love, Mommy